EKEN Sports Camera-Enjoy Its Fascination

As the name shows, it’s a camera dedicated to sports. Although our intelligent mobile phone possess the function to take the HD video, sometimes it may not convenient to use the telephone to take a photo or video. For example, the phone can’t take the portable video and it doesn’t have the waterproof function. Thus, if you want to record the moment when you are travelling or doing the sport, it needs to rely on more professional equipment.

The requirement of the sports camera

·Lightness. In general, the sports camera need to be worn in the body, so the sense of weight can’t be too much heavier. Most of the products in the market are around 100g.

·Three anti(Waterproof/dust-proof/crash). The protection level depends on the technique of the manufacturers.

·Shooting clear. Sports camera shooting depends mainly on the master chip, image sensor and lens. If only consider the factor of high pixel, it may not shoot clear.

·The colorful accessories. Only the accessories is colorful can we tie the camera to our head, fix it on the bike or wear it on the dog to take the shocked video. In a word, it can show its fascination when we liberate our hands.

·Outstanding anti-shake function.

·Simple operating way.

In summary, the camera is a small, portable, waterproof, shock-proof camera. This kind of sports camera was widely on extreme sport (Surfing, skiing, limit biking and parachuting) usage. In the area of the sports camera, GoPro had always occupied the top one. However, the traditional video equipment manufacturers have begun to launch a variety of portable camera products with their own different characteristics.

Next, we’ll suggest some reliable camera for you. EKEN, a high-tech company specializing in designing and manufacturing innovative products of Action Cameras and Car DVRs, provides comprehensive, customized solutions to customers, won a leading reputation in electronic and technology industries.

The comparison of EKEN H8 PRO and EKEN H8 Plus

Eken H8 Pro features the Sony IMX078 image sensor, while Eken H8 Plus is equipped with Sony IMX117. Both of them feature the new Ambarella A12S75 chipset, which allows to record true videos and to shoot 12MP photos.

Both the Eken H8 Pro and Plus have two displays, one large rear 2″ where we can see what is in the frame and change settings or review videos and photos recorded, and one small front screen where we can see the recording time, mode, and the resolution in use. The rear screen is no touch screen in any of the two versions. H8 Plus has also a gyro stabilizer or EIS (electronic image stabilizer).

Both the H8 Plus and H8 Pro are supplied with a remote control, and have a 1050mAh battery which can record about an hour at 4K resolution @ 30fps and 1080p @ 60fps. You can find additional batteries for less than 10 $. The videos are stored on a micro SD card up to 32GB. They also have WiFi, EZ app to control the cam via the phone, micro HDMI and micro USB output.

Working Principle of Dimmable LED Floor Lamps

LED floor lamps with dimmable features have transformed spaces, bringing in a dash of contemporary styling. In combination with other lighting, they help to improve the décor of living spaces. Dimmable LED floor lamps greatly help to tone down the intensity of the light. LEDs are some of the most energy efficient lighting units. Here is a closer look at the workings of a dimmable LED floor lamp.

Pulse width modulation dimming method

It is important to understand that despite the appearance of dim light, LEDs do not actually emit dimmer light. LEDs function in two modes – ON and OFF. So effectively, what is observed as dim light is actually light being emitted in pulses at alternating intervals. This pulsing of the light is controlled by the dimmer, which determines the intervals and the intensity of the pulsing.

Frequency of pulses designed to create the effect of continuous light to the naked eye

Pulsing light, should ideally appear as pulses of light broken up with intervals of darkness in between; more like a flickering lamp or wick. However, a flickering light is definitely not the ideal light for floor lamps. A floor lamp requires continuous light, therefore, PWM LEDs are designed to emit light in pulses at a high rate, which will create the effect of continuous light.

New look – Dimmable LED floor lamp

A perfect dimmable LED floor lamp offers a warm amber glow to transform the ambience of your room. The dimmable feature enables light to be adjusted to emit at levels ranging from bright task lighting to dim, soft, cosy tones. The exciting designs of dimmable floor lamps help to improve the aesthetics of interiors. The sleek and compact designs help to create wonderful lighting from stunning light accessories.

Working principle incorporates the Analog technique

Analog dimming technique is the underlying principle used to dim LED floor lamps. The forward current supplied to the LED bulb is controlled, and the linear power supply to the bulb causes the dimming effect. Due to the changes in temperature, the light emitted from low quality dimmable LED bulbs may lack the intensity, therefore it is important to choose dimmable LED bulbs of high quality.

Challenges for dimmable LEDs to flourish

Demands exist for LED manufacturers to develop dimmable LED bulbs. However, it needs to be borne in mind that users generally like to retain their fitments, and it becomes necessary for manufacturers to develop LED bulbs that can be retro fitted. Though the technology is relatively new, it has time and again been demonstrated to work with utmost efficiency. The demand for dimmable LED bulbs is increasing and the day is not far off when LED bulbs will reign over the lighting world with their designs, features, durability and savings in cost.

The digital age has also rendered in exciting possibilities for network controlled lighting and wireless controls. The main dimming methods are TRIAC dimming, PWM dimming, and linear dimming. It is time to illuminate in style and take the style to levels that exist in the most creative minds.